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25 points to learn prior to going out by having a Greek feminine

25 points to learn prior to going out by having a Greek feminine

1. You shouldn’t be actually distressed our business are now consistently being spat on

” FTISEEEEEEE!! ” (Spit! ) It is heard by you constantly. Spewing for the greek brides lifestyle is in fact an approach of removing any style of variety of heinous existence, using the jinx off something as well as primarily not attractive future.

” Mum, my project that is brand-new is very well! ” Mum: “Ftise! ”

Mum in my experience: “You look therefore wonderful because outfit” me personally: “Ftiseeeeee Maaaaaa! ”

Spitting appears like 2nd nature to your group. Whenever our team have instinct to spew, to ‘protect’ an individual also even as we don’t spit, it does not feel right. Oh, as well as its always that are own spits. FTOO. FTOO. FTOO.

2. Our company referred to as EVERYONE ‘malaka’

Maybe you have heard Greek buddies resolve the other person? Or simply just how about mad cabby in Greece? Or maybe each time a Greek is in fact supporting his/her favourite sports activities team, however they are really losing? Really, they have been actually all “MALAKES”. Solitary form being “malaka”. And nope, it is perhaps perhaps not everyone’s title, it actually suggests ‘wanker’.

It’s not consistently used highly, insultingly or madly, yet virtually endearingly. I call my cousin regarding the mention and phone: “Ela (Hi) malaka! ” Feel it or otherwise not, i will be really perhaps perhaps not calling my sis a wanker, yet rather, in certain twisted affectionate technique, “sibling”.

3. You’ll have to find out phrases that are key ‘ta matia sou dekatessera’

Our moms and dads’ and additionally grand-parents’ preferred phrase that is key state to your offspring whenever they’re occurring per night out, happening getaway, choosing the stroll, occurring a romantic date, crossing the roadway, ALMOST ANYTHING. Lire la suite