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Think you’ve attempted everything for the rest issues? Enter CBD…

Think you’ve attempted everything for the rest issues? Enter CBD…

An elevated lifestyle shop and publication for women and cannabis, Anna Duckworth has tried cannabis for everything from sex to cooking as editor-in-chief and co-founder of Miss Grass. And from now on, she’s sharing her cannabis knowledge with Well+Good. Today, she assumes on a topic we’re all greater than a little bit obsessed with more than here: getting a better rest.

We have been an exhausted nation: approximately 70 million Americans have problems with chronic sleep problems. And, considering insomnia can result in mood and character modifications, we’re a cranky one, too. Simply put, we’re tired of being exhausted and we’re shopping for solutions.

Cannabis—CBD (cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of cannabis that is cropping up in anything from lotions to lattes) in particular—is a tantalizing replacement for the normal Ambien prescription or medication cabinet high in melatonin that, relating to Elizabeth Cramer Ernst, nursing assistant practitioner and owner associated with the medical cannabis center Hamptons Medi Spa, could offer significant relief for insomniacs. In recent studies, CBD has shown promising indications of being both a very good and safe option to have more zzz’s, although a great deal more research should be done before definitive conclusions are drawn.

Through the fog that is included with pulling all-nighters that are unintended after evening, however, it is very easy to lose sight to the fact that trouble resting is very rarely simply that. It is probably the result of an underlying condition. A lack of sleep comes down to anxiety—which, as we know, can be attributed to any number of external or internal factors from PTSD to financial strain for many people. Lire la suite